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I found Kindra after searching for someone I could really connect with and be understood by. We connected almost immediately; her advice and clarity has been beyond helpful. Kindra is encouraging and honest. I cannot express enough how much talking with her has helped me to be true to myself and helped me to move away from things I didn't think I had the strength to do before. I recommend Kindra's skills to anyone wishing to find their light in dark places. Thank you Kindra!

- Cynthia P. Ocean Beach, California. 

Kindra is truly a kindhearted and well-centered person with the gift not only of sight and discernment but also of compassion and a true desire for other's well-being.  Her readings are powerfully insightful, her wisdom and spiritual alignment allow her to convey messages and intuitive guidance with grace and sensitivity.  My experiences with her have been enlightening, empowering and useful in my healing and day to day life. 

- JLS. Oregon

I had my 1st reading with Kindra 7 years ago and I now have sessions with her every month or two. Needless to say, she's such a beautiful soul and is absolutely wonderful, honest, trustworthy, kind, easy to open up to, and exceptionally accurate and gifted. Every session we have is enlightening, enjoyable, and up lifting. She always hears everything I say, regardless if speak the words or not. I'm a believer that actions speak louder than words so the fact that I schedule with her so often, and am taking the time to write this review, is proof to how much I trust, respect, and believe in her. She is a true healer in every possible way.  I'm highly attuned at seeing thru BS and I can say without hesitation that Kindra is the real deal. I schedule an appointment with her anytime I'm at a crossroads, need some help seeing beyond my own abilities, or am in need of divine guidance from her unique perspective. She has helped me in so many ways that I can't even express and I'm forever grateful and appreciative of her. She's become a rock and an angel for me and I can't say enough about how much I trust and adore her.

- JR. H. San Diego, California.

The English language has yet to create words to describe how incredible Kindra really is, her accuracy will create inspiration. She provides you with all the necessary tools to make your life incredibly fulfilling. She is loving, caring, and nurturing. Be prepared to cry tears of joy.


- Uhura B. New York City.

Kindra is a very accurate psychic, as well as an inspiring professional. She has a very soothing presence. I've been turning back to the advice she gave me during our session again and again. Kindra helped me feel more comfortable in my own skin and my marriage. I feel grateful and blessed to have met such an amazing and gifted human being!


- Ksenia D. Los Angeles, California.

Kindra is truly one of a kind. She creates a very comfortable and welcoming atmosphere and is talented beyond words. Her readings are extremely accurate and she is a very knowledgeable and gifted soul. If you want an experience unlike any other, go see her!! She's truly amazing. Thank you Kindra for sharing your gift with all of us! I'll be seeing you again soon!


- Madeline S. Portland, Oregon.

Kindra was a blessing. I got a lot of validation and direction. She is very special. Thank you again.


- Gabriela C.  Salem, OR

Kindra is a delightful person! She is an old soul full of light and knowledge. I had a wonderful and insightful reading from her. She is awesome!

- Jennifer P. Hillsboro, Oregon.

I was very pleased with the reading I received from Kindra. She was welcoming and kind, and put me at ease. I could feel the energy between us at times, my body was pulsating. I believe we all have gifts from God, and Kindra is very talented. She nailed several of my traits and concerns, while reminding me our future is made up of our choices each day. She is very intuitive and wise. I would recommend her highly.

- Marge S. Beverly Hills, California.

Kindra is the real deal. She has walked me through my own magick for years, always holding a safe and sacred space for alchemy. I have yet to meet an intuitive healer who is more powerful or more authentic. Kindra shares her insights in a way that is both completely honest and totally relatable. She is fun to work with, yet highly professional. I am so grateful for all I have learned and will continue to learn from this magical woman.

- Molly M. Denver, Colorado.

I've been talking to Kindra for about a month now following a particularly painful breakup. She has, thus far, given me hope and ideas on how to redirect my focus and cultivate happiness in my life. I plan to continue to chat with her when I hit emotional roadblocks, as she seems to be able to tap into the highest good in my life. She is reasonably priced for such an important and meaningful service! Thanks Kindra!


- Sara C. Atlanta, Georgia.

I highly recommend Kindra, I feel blessed to have met such a remarkable woman. She has such passion for helping and talking to people and is truly gifted at what she does. I will definitely be a long time client of hers. She is so accurate and really makes you feel at home. She has really helped me to move through some issues I was dealing with within myself. Everything she said really resonated with me and have me a lot of hope.

- Isabella S. Eugene, Oregon.

Kindra is the most amazing person I've ever encountered in my life. I've been speaking with her for over three years now. I went through an excruciating break up a few years back and she helped me 100% understand my situation and have hope for what was coming next. She was completely right. As I'm in the process of changing, growing, learning she's always there ready to help. Like a Best Friend would, but waaaay more intuitive and on point with what's actually happening in the universe and inside of you yourself. I truly recommend her to every single person I encounter in life regardless of what they're going through. She has helped me heal in so many ways I never thought possible! I haven't given up on love because she reminds me what true love really looks like. She is extremely reasonably priced and worth every second of your time.


- Chris W.  Buckhead, Georgia.

Kindra is amazingly talented. She is easy to talk to and has absolutely helped me change my life in a short period of time. She made a comment at the end of my 1st reading "you are not the tired person you think you are" I drove away thinking she was wrong and then the next morning woke up, I mean really woke up for the first time in years. I get more done every day and I love my life, now that I am living it again. The world is beautiful and Kindra will help you see that again.

- Shelly C. Solana Beach, California.

Kindra is a kind, caring and very powerful intuitive healer that has helped me through life's ups and downs in such a positive way - the quality of my life and overall outlook has been changed for the better because of working with her. She is a special person with a special gift.....

- Julie H. Los Angeles, California.

Kindra has changed my life in many ways. Her constant support during our sessions has helped guide me into becoming a better version of myself. She's so sincere and genuine when she does her readings. I'm so thankful our paths crossed as I trust her words and have seen and experienced her visions first hand. Thank you Kindra for sharing your amazing gift.

- Alaena C. Encinitas, California.

Kindra has been an absolute blessing in my life. I've never communicated with someone who not only understands but WANTS what is best for me - and can actually tell me what that "best" thing is. I have had 3 meetings with her over the last 6 months and all 3 times she was able to guide and heal me through my difficult, sometimes painful, journey's. I wouldn't hesitate one minute to have the opportunity to speak with her - I promise you won't regret it!!!! Thank you Kindra for all your love and support!!!

- Ashley G. Boise, Idaho.


Where can I start with this magical woman? I feel forever thankful and blessed to have met Kindra, participate in sessions with her, and receive valuable lifelong advice that has assisted me in some of life's largest challenges. Upon losing my amazing soul mate and boyfriend this year, hopeless is one of the lighter emotions I felt. Kindra has walked me through countless uplifting ideas and a higher conscious thought processes which has aided me tremendously in my healing process. Kindra has this beautiful talent of meeting you right where you are. Assisting me in getting in tune with who I am, where I come from, where I'm going and to me, most importantly, staying in contact with my love in heaven have been some of the greatest gifts I have received here on earth. Her soul and spirit is so comforting and understanding; she seems to just hug you with her eyes. I have recommended numerous friends and family members to Kindra and she has helped un-muddy the water in my life as well as theirs. Asking for help is hard for everyon, but that's just it, Kindra isn't just "help", she's your friend. Perhaps, life may just be about the relationships you create, this isn't one you want to miss out on.

- Ashley K. Encinitas, California.

Kindra is truly talented and so insightful. The accuracy is unreal and the work she has helped me do/the insight she has given me is life changing. She has opened my eyes to things I never would have known without her. She has such a soothing, nurturing energy. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone and will be returning to her often.

- Shawna S. Portland, Oregon.

The moment I met Kindra I felt as if I had known her all my life. She is very easy to talk to and get comfortable with. I will definitely be seeing her again!

- Tricia W. Dallas, Oregon.

Kindra is a remarkable woman with many talents, she combines science with divination to create a truly one on one experience. She has the ability to see what the cards tell her, but she also takes the time to guide you as if you were consoling an old friend with one of life's many problems. She's warm, welcoming, and caring and she breaks the stereotype of what someone thinks a psychic should be. She's not scary, she doesn't use a crystal ball, and she's not a psychic who'd be on the boardwalk that's more interested in swindling money out of you rather than helping to guide you in the right direction. She brings divination into the modern world in a more modern way than what is perceived through the media. If you ask, she'll get straight to the point without cutting any corners, but she does so in a way that is nurturing and caring. 

- AJ F. Kings Canyon National Park, California.

Kindra is an amazing and talented healer who helped guide me through a very rough patch with lots of love, positivity and honesty. She was dead on with so many things that I was able to move through my challenges and into a much more peaceful place. It doesn't hurt that she keeps it real at every turn and is one of the most down to earth intuitives that I've worked with.

- Anastasia N. Atlanta, Georgia.

Kindra is amazing at what she does. She gave me great guidance as to what is going on in my life. She was right on with things about my life. I feel now I have to energy to move forward with what I need to do.

- Michelle H. Mission Beach, California.

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